Banana Skin Shoes - CD

Banana Skin Shoes - CD

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Signed 'Banana Skin Shoes' on CD. 

This album is a pre order and will be released on 22nd May. 

Any items ordered alongside this one will be despatched at the same time as this. If you wish to receive other items beforehand please place a separate order. 


1. Banana Skin Shoes 
2. Is This A Dream?
3. I Just Wanna Wish You Happiness 
4. I'm Not Sure What It Is  
5. Tony Wilson Said 
6. You And Me Against The World 
7. I Need Someone To Trust 
8. Note To Self 
9. Colours 
10. Funny Time Of Year
11. Fly On The Wall 
12. Never Change 
13. Appletree Boulevard
14. I’ll Do My Best